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​ivyGoal Chinese Math!

​SAT / ACT Prep Tutoring

At ivyGOAL, we customize an SAT / ACT prep course specifically for your student. This is the most effective way of preping. We are professionals who use the best methodology to deliver the highest quality of instruction. ​

Guarantee: If students do not make the guaranteed progress after 40 hours of tutoring, future lessons are free until such improvements are made.

If the existing SAT Scores is below 1,200, we guarantee an improvement of 150 points. 
If the existing ACT Scores is below 26, we guarantee an improvement of 3 points. 

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High School Tutoring

Algebra II: 
Algebra is the foundation of high school math. Students typically struggle in math throughout entire high school without strong Algebra skills. 

Geometry can be challenging for some students, especially Honored Geometry. ivyGOAL tutors can help your child. 

Trig requires a combination of Algebra and Geometry skills. It is often one of the most difficult classes for high school students. Let us help your child to overcome the challenge. 

Pre-Calculus & Calculus:
If your child wants to apply for ivy league schools, pre-cal and calculus are often required. ivyGOAL tutors can help your child to obtain good grades in these subjects. 

Homework Support For Biology, Chemistry, and Physics:
This program is designed to help students with their school homework. Our tutors are trained NOT to do the student's homework for them, but rather to teach students how to do homework effectively on their own. 

College Admissions

We partner with HigherGrounding to provide families of prospective college students with assistance in choosing the right college, navigating the application processes, and understanding what is needed to transition into the new environment of “student life” on campus. Our services will identify the “right-fit” colleges, remove the guess-work, and prepare the student’s background for acceptance to your top choices.

Margaret Rothe is a highly experienced college counselor. She has helped many students to be accepted by their dream colleges. 

Initial Meeting

Our services are conducted like family meetings. The ultimate goal is to develop a cohesive presentation of your student. Our initial meeting runs 60-90 minutes. First, we will get to know the student and the family dynamics. Next, we evaluate the student’s credentials, applicant’s cohesiveness and present ideas and options. The review is individually tailored and objective.

High School Freshman – Juniors

We will meet as needed, typically 2 – 4 hours a year. We will reflect on the students experiences and interests, discussing endeavors they might find engaging and inspiring them to explore new interests or round out current accomplishment. ACT / SAT timing and preparation, letters of recommendation, summer activities will also come into play.

Juniors to Rising Seniors

Ideally, students begin early but no later than April of their Junior year, writing their essays over the summer to Senior year. Seniors beginning the college process are rushed and therefore the process is forced to be expedited. It is essential to not put speed above the quality of application. Junior and Seniors are focused on college search / selection, essay development, competing deadlines, application submission, offer letter, and enrollment process.Beyond that, there are more ingredients to creating a successful college career. There are housing applications to be navigated and the inevitable excitement / anxiety of moving on to campus, away from home and into a quasi-adult world. We do not forget that parents and the family are in transition as well. We believe the College Entry process does not end until Thanksgiving of Freshman year. This is the ultimate marker of college fit, student acclimation and family adjustment.


Our current hourly fee is $150/hour. The total number of hours needed varies depending on the amount of support required. Some of the most common factors are; number of applications, number of essay draft reviews. Freshmen to rising Juniors require an average of 4 hours a year. By far, the majority of work falls between the Spring break of Junior year and Thanksgiving break of Senior year. During this time students use an average of 20-30 hours. There is a limited number of clients we are able to take on each year. Please contact us to know currently availability.