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Today's Reading Education Challenges:

  • School reading programs often focus on understanding of the text. 
  • Lack of Speed Reading training. Students cannot comprehend at a high reading speed. 
  • Lack of critical thinking skill training. Students cannot choose the right answers or summarize accurately after reading. 
  • Students are lack of practices. School homework is often not sufficient.

ivyGOAL's Reading Program:

  • Focus on critical thinking skill training
  • Focus on decision making skills
  • Focus on reading comprehension with speed
  • Additional take-home practice as needed

Today's Writing Education Challenges:

  • Due to increasing classroom size, school teachers often cannot edit each student's essay in detail and provide pinpointed teaching accordingly.

  • Students are lack of practices. Writing education requires a lot of pratices

  • Lack of Speed Writing training. School often focus on academic writing that takes hours to complete an essay. Writing speed is an important skill.

ivyGOAL's Writing Program:

  • Individualized coaching for each student

  • Teach both acadmic writing and speed writing

  • Additional take-home practice as needed

ivyGOAL's ESL / ELD / ELL Program:

If your child is a new immigrant and needs to improve English skills very quickly, we have the program for you.

  • Students typically improve one grade level of vocabulary after 15 hours of tutoring.
  • Students often catch up with their school peers after 6-12 months of tutoring.

Tutoring Guarantee

One Grade Level Improvement After 40 Hours

If students do not make the guaranteed progress,  future lessons are free until such improvements are made. 

​We follow Common Core Standard for teaching in general

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