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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Common Core Standard?

  • There are many definitions and arguments. Here is ivyGOAL definition - private school standard. Private schools often use ISEE & SSAT as an entrance exams and use ERB tests for progress assessments. Common Core Standard tests are very similar to ISEE tests.
  • Here is another ivyGOAL definition - think deeper and think analytically.

How will Common Core Standard impact your child?

  • Imagine this. Your child has been walking in school. Now suddenly he / she has to run or jump. Many students will not be able to cope well with this change.
  • Many schools may not be ready for the changes either in terms of teaching. However, the standard has increased. As a result, many students may struggle.  

Which subject will students struggle more under Common Core Standard?

  • Most likely in math. We believe many students and schools will struggle in Common Core Standard math because old California math standard was too low and too far apart from the new standard. 
  • Imagine a 5th grader student has been studying math with very low standard and requirements. Now this student has to be at Common Core Standard which may cover the same type of math, but with much higher difficulty and complexity. Of course, it is very likely this 5th grade student will struggle in math. 

SAT or ACT? Which one will be accepted by colleges? Which one is easier?

  • Both SAT and ACT will be accepted by any colleges in US. Students are not required to take both. However, if you plan to apply for ivy league schools, it is recommended to take both.
  • For about 80% of students, both tests are equally difficult. SAT questions are trickier with less questions. ACT questions are more straight forward, but with a lot of more questions within same amount of testing time.
  • In addition, ACT covers more math skills (Algebra 2 & some pre-calculus) and a science reading section. If math and science are your favorite subjects, you may have advantage in ACT.

Is SAT / ACT prep important or needed?

  • We think so because other students are preparing for it and test prep works.
  • SAT group teaching often improve students by 100-150 points. High quality SAT tutoring can help students improve 200-500 points.

How successful is ivyGOAL at helping children achieve success?

  • We have tutored and coached over 1,200 students in the Bay Area with great success.

How and when will I know that my child is really making progress? 

  • We start by reviewing your child's initial assessment with you, so that you know exactly what level your child is starting at.
  • While your child is studying with us, you receive daily updates via email regarding your student's progress.
  • We re-test your child periodically to measure progress, and share the results with you.  

How many hours a week will my child need to attend ivyGOAL? 

  • On average, students benefit the most by spending 2 hours / week per subject at ivyGOAL.  

What is ivyGOAL schedule? 

  • We are open 7 days / week. We will match your schedule with our tutor's availability.

What is your refund policy? 

  • For prepaid students, the sessions attended will be charged at monthly hourly rate, then the balance will be refunded. For example, if a student has attended 20 hours out of a 40 hour prepay package and monthly rate = $59/hr, 20 x $59 = $1,180 will be charged and $2,280 - $1,180 = $1,000 will be refunded.​

What standard ivyGOAL follows?