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8th Grade

Calculate Compounded Interest - Fill The Blank

Annual Interest RateTimeCompounded InterestTotal Amount
$85012.5%4 Year

$3,0006 1/2%2 Year


K Grade-3, 1st Grade-9, 2nd Grade-$340, 3rd Grade-9, 4th Grade-11/10, 5th Grade-2064/221, 6th  Grade-2.33

7th Grade-Interest: 168, Total: 518. Interest: 195, Total: 1695.

8th Grade-Interest: 175, Total: 525. Interest: 197, Total: 1697


7th Grade

Calculate Simple Interest - Fill The Blank

Annual Interest RateTimeSimple InterestTotal Amount
$8508%1/4 Year

$3,0005 1/2%3/4 Year

6th Grade

If Square C’s perimeter is the same as the total of Square A & B, what is the side length of Square C (answer in decimals)?

Square A has side length as 12/13 meter. Square B has side length as 24/17 meter. What is the perimeter of both squares?

5th Grade

24/17 meter

Square B

12/13 meter

Square A

2nd Grade

Mary has $320 and makes $10 a day. How much money will she have after 2 days?

3rd Grade

If Jack has 72 balls which are 8 times more balls than Renee's, how many balls does Renee have?

4th Grade

Nick ran 1/5 of a mile yesterday and another 9/10 of mile today. How many miles has he run? 

1st Grade      1 7

                     -    8

Free Math Assessment

This assessment is based on Common Core Standard. Each math problem is estimated to be at the middle of a grade level and based on most critical math skills. 

K Grade         5

                    -  2