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All parents dream of sending their children to college, many aspire to send their kids to Ivy League Schools. Our mission is to help parents turn their children’s dreams into reality. 


ivyGOAL’s tutoring is the ultimate educational support any child can have. Not only it is the most effective way for your child to achieve subject mastery, it is surprisingly cost effective. We use common core standard materials. After initial assessments, teachers will tutor students with appropriate levels of workbooks. Students will be assigned additional take-home practice after each session. Practice makes perfect.

ivyGOAL Tutoring Guarantee

Parents want to see results. We guarantee meeting your academic goals. 

ivyGOAL Camps & Classes

ivyGOAL Enrichment Camps are designed to supplement public & private school
education. We have identified the additional academic support and learning strategies
needed outside of the classroom and created our camps accordingly.

  • ivyGOAL reading camps help students read efficiently and make good decisions when answering questions. Reading comprehension involves more than simply understanding the text. In this camp students will learn the following skills: critical reading, speed reading, process of elimination and decision making. 
  • ivyGOAL writing camps teach students how to brainstorm, outline, draft and publish essays. The fundamentals of grammar and essay structures are covered in combination with the use of creativity.
  • ​ivyGOAL Problem Solving camps teach students how to solve word problems effectively. Problem solving is challenging for students because it requires two high level skills (analyzing problems and setting up math expressions) in addition to calculation. This camp will focus on four critical problem solving skills: key info identification, translation into math expressions, divide & conquer and draw it out. 

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