All parents dream of sending their children to college, many aspire to send their kids to Ivy League Schools. Our mission is to help parents turn their children’s dreams into reality. We offer three services designed to make your child’s academic goals achievable. You may want to take advantage of all three services at different times throughout your child’s academic career. ivyGOAL academic support is an investment in your child’s academic dreams.

ivyGOAL Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment programs are designed to provide long-term academic support. Affordable and fun, our After School Program and our Summer Study Program provide children in grades 2 through 12 with a “club” type of environment where they can partake in an unlimited selection of group tutoring sessions, homework support groups, and age appropriate enrichment programs such as writing seminars, reading groups, fine arts activities, SAT prep sessions, and much more.

ivyGOAL Tutoring

ivyGOAL’s individualized tutoring is the ultimate educational support any child can have. Not only is it the most effective way for your child to achieve subject mastery, it is surprisingly cost effective. The reason that ivyGOAL tutoring works so well is our ability to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the student's current knowledge base, and then customize a learning plan especially for them. By focusing the student’s energies on specific areas, we can ensure students reach their academic goals, often in less time and at lower cost than through any other teaching method.

ivyGOAL College Counseling

As part of the ivyGOAL educational package, we help your child to create a road map for achieving his or her best chances at getting accepted into their first choice college. This is personal guideline will help your child be the best student he or she can be.

But when it comes time to select a university, and to prepare college applications, your child may well benefit from the additional services provided by our certified counselors. They can help your child to select his best college options, guide them through the completion of their application packages and essay writing, plan coursework and extracurricular activities to bolster his or her chances of acceptance at a particular school, and even help to create volunteer and internship opportunities for your child.


Our Staff

Nick Ni, Executive Director

Nick has 10 years of tutoring experience and helped over 1,200 students achieve their educational goals in the Bay Area. He majored in math & English education in China, then obtained an Architecture undergraduate degree and M.S. in Computer Science from University of Hawaii.

Robin Stearns, Center Director

Robin graduated from MIT in 1986 with a degree in Creative Writing and a concentration in Cognitive Development. She has founded multiple businesses, the most important to her being the Little City Kids Educational system.

ivyGOAL Tutoring

ivyGOAL tutoring is the quickest and most effective means of achieving subject mastery, because we pinpoint knowledge weaknesses and focus on them.

ivyGOAL Enrichment

We prepare your child for acceptance into their dream college from the beginning, with unlimited educational programs, homework support, and group instruction from 3 pm to 6 pm, all for one low monthly price.

ivyGOAL Counseling

As your child prepares for college, we provide counseling and support to ensure your child's admission into his or her dream college.

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