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K-12th Math, English, SAT Tutoring

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Today's Math Education Challenges:

  • Students lack practices. School math homework assigned at school is often not sufficient. 
  • Students lack good math habits. For example: try to do too much mental math, skip steps and not double check answers.
  • Make a lot of "careless" mistakes. It seems that students know the concepts, but cannot solve math problem consistently.
  • Struggle with Word Problems.
  • Lack advanced math skill training. Students often learn the BASIC math skills ONLY. Advanced math shortcuts are critically important, but lacking.
  • Higher school standard (Common Core Standard).

ivyGOAL Math:

  • Identify students' weakness
  • Focused problem solving training with ivyGOAL Reverse Engineering problem solving curriculum.
  • Teach both basic and advanced math skills.
  • Additional homework practice if needed. 
  • Enforce the following math skills:
    • ​Write neatly
    • Cannot skip important steps
    • Double check answers

School Homework Support:

  • Our tutors are trained NOT to do the student's homework for them, but rather to teach students how to do homework effectively on their own.
  • In addition, we teach students critical organization skills to manage homework.

1st-8th Grade Tutoring Tuition

1:2 Teacher : Student Ratio

OptionsHourly RateTotal



Preppay 40 Hrs

Prepay 80 Hrs$50$4,000

Tutoring Guarantee

One Grade Level Improvement After 40 Hours

If students do not make the guaranteed progress,  future lessons are free until such improvements are made. 

​We follow Common Core Standard for teaching in general