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Yelp is a scam! 

It's entire business model is built around blackmailing business owners to purchasing its ads service by using "negative reviews" as weapons. 

Here is my personal experience and sequence of events:

  • I used to be a Yelp customer, and most of reviews were showing.
  • I stopped Yelp service because Google Adwords provided much better return for ads. Yelp is high cost with low return in terms of marketing. Our business was doing well because we have great reputation among parents. 
  • Around December 2017, someone with a fake name, Seymour, posted a fake review on our website with 1 star rating. Soon after, I started to receive emails regarding services to remove negative Yelp reviews. I ignored.
  • Since I was a no longer a Yelp customer, I never noticed this fake review until March 2018. I responded to the fake reviewer and offered him $1,000 cash if he could prove that had been a customer of mine. Of course, he couldn't. 
  • Then, I presented the case to Yelp and asked its staff to remove the fake review. Guess what, I was rejected. I requested again, got rejected again?
  • Click here to see the fake review and my response on Yelp.​ Click here to see filtered reviews. 
  • How interesting? Isn't Yelp supposed to provide real reviews? Why real reviews got filtered out and fake reviews stay?
  • I feel the fake review on my Yelp is so obvious, but somehow Yelp's staff and filter system do not have the capacity to handle it. Or is this intentional? 
  • I have done some google and Youtube searches on Yelp since and start to realize hundreds and thousands of business owners are complaining about Yelp's scam. Check out the shocking number of complaints on BBB for Yelp. 

Yelp is a fraud and scam for the following reasons:

  • No control, credibility and rating on reviewers from Yelp. As a result, Yelp becomes a free paradise of fake reviews. Who is controlling and fostering this paradise? Yelp! 
  • Yelp has to make money from business owners. Maybe originally, Yelp had good intent to offer good service at a fair price, but Yelp is obviously loosing its battle to Google and Facebook. Yelp's marketing service offers low return for high investments. Of course, business owners do not want to use Yelp for marketing. 
  • That left Yelp with only one option (?) - blackmailing business owners to buy its service. But how? 
  • How about filter out your positive reviews and leave negative reviews on if you do not pay Yelp? 
  • How about not to remove or better yet encourage fake and negative reviews if you do not pay Yelp?
  • If Yelp does not delete fake and negative reviews, it wouldn't take long for some bad guys to start writing fake reviews and blackmailing business owners. Easy money. Simply put, Yelp are armed with fake reviews, provided by these fake reviewers, to blackmail business owners together. What a scam! 

As an educator, I will not tolerate a scam business like Yelp - blackmailing nearly every small business owner in US and world beyond. Someone and everyone need to stand up and fight against this scam.

I will do not share to post this webpage on our site. 

​Stop Lying, Stop Yelp! 

Nick Ni

Founder of ivyGoal Education