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Hi Renee,

Below is the lesson note from Isabelle's lesson on Thursday, Mar 26, 2020 from 04:20 PM to 05:05 PM.

Homework Completed?作业完成情况:
Yes: Isabelle completed all of the assigned hw (the remaining quizzes in U1)

In Class Performance: good, Ok, bad?-课堂表现:
Good: Isabelle was fully engaged during our session

What covered? - 内容 (subjects, units...):
Grade level, 年级?Unit #, 单元?Others, 其他?
I started by checking students hw; after checking hw, we went over some of the vocab words from U1 Story1 (e.g. alternate definition of "fawn," spectacle); I also had students write a sentence using the word "spectacle," to confirm they knew how to use it in context; we then spent the remainder of the session discussing the U1 Essay (time travel prompt); since only Isabelle completed the hw, I brainstormed/outlined a few ways to that one could have written an essay on this prompt, providing examples for second/third body paragraphs that would allow for a 3 paragraph response; Isabelle had a well organized, thoughtful response to the prompt

Homework Assigned? 布置的作业?:
Grade level, 年级?Unit #, 单元?Others, 其他?
start working on U2, but no Reading quizzes

For Online Teaching, 网络教学:
Was video or audio used for 80%+ of lessons? 视频或者语音是主要上课工具吗?
100% video call
Were students engaged? 学生上课有没有注意力集中?
Yes, Isabelle was fully engaged during our session