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ivyGoal Logo Central 华人孩子一般都是数学好英文弱。在SAT考试上表现特别明显。华人孩子一般SAT数学都是接近满分,英文过700都难。

  • 单词方面:华人孩子一般单词量更小。
  • 语法方面:语感弱。
  • 阅读方面:阅读量小。
  • 写作方面:文章比较枯燥,句子不长,高难度单词使用少。
  • 但是华人孩子一般更努力。
  • 华人家长期望值更高,但是自己英文能力不够。
  • 大学申请的竞争更大。

在这种情况下,华人孩子的英文教学特点和白人就有很大的区别。ivyGoal 是世界上第一个给华人孩子设计和编写了完整的美国英文教学的机构。为华人孩子,量身定做,应才施教!


  1. 语法和写作课。
  2. 英语全方位。(每个年级1000-1,500个单词)
  3. 高年级英文基础(3万单词量)。

ivyGoal Logo Central 语法和写作课

ivyGoal Logo Central 课程录像

Recorded Grammar & Writing Course

ivyGoal Logo Central 语法技巧

ivyGoal Logo Central 词性:

  1. 4种名词。

  2. 4种形容词。

  3. 5种副词。

  4. 3种连接词。

  5. 定词。

  6. 介词。

  7. 可数名词和不可数名词

  8. 单数和复数。


ivyGoal Logo Central 时态:

  1. ​4种现在时。Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous. 

  2. 2种将来时。Future Simple and Future Continuous. 

  3. 7种过去时。Past Continuous, Past Habitual, Past Intensive, Past Future, Past Perfect, and Past Perfect Continuous. 


ivyGoal Logo Central 句型:

  1. 主语和谓语动词的一致性。Subject and verb agreement.

  2. 主动语气和被动语气。Active and passive voices. 

  3. 大小写。4 basic rules of capitalization and 3 exceptions. 


ivyGoal Logo Central  写作大纲练习


ivyGoal Logo Central 写作要求:

  1. Identify keywords in the prompt.

  2. Please write a title.

  3. Please write a hook.

  4. Please write an outline: introduction, 1-3 body paragraphs topic sentences, and conclusion. 


ivyGoal Logo Central 写作大纲范文:

  • Prompt: If there was one talent you wish you had, what would it be and why?
  • Keywords Example: talent and why. 
  • Title Sample: I wish I could fly
  • Hook Sample: Do you want to travel with ultimate freedom? 
  • Introduction: Amidst the uncertainty of the Coronavirus epidemic, I wish I could fly to my desired destinations, not taking a risk of catching the virus and without paying any money for transportation. 
  • Body 1 Sample: I planned to visit New York this month and participate in a ballet competition, but now I am locked down at home. 
  • Body 2 Sample: The virus is very dangerous and so many people are catching it through close social contacts. If I could fly, then no one would be close enough to pass the virus to me. 
  • Body 3 Sample: Travelling costs a lot of money. Once my father told me that he spends about $400 / month on gas. 
  • Conclusion Sample: Wouldn't it be great to go to places anytime you like and pay nothing? I wish I had the talent to fly so that I could be free and save my father’s travel and money. More importantly, Coronavirus cannot catch me in the sky.