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中国孩子在美国和加拿大的数学教育一直都是家长们的一个很头疼的问题。根据世界权威组织 - OECD.org2012年评估, 中国学生世界第一,加拿大#13,俄国#34,美国#36。为了帮助北美的孩子们提高数学能力,未来能够在世界平台上成为强有力的人才;ivyGoal 推出了中国式美国数学 - Chinese Math!ivyGoal Chinese Math是按中国数学的特点来教美国的Common Core:快,准,巧。

  • ivyGoal中文数学涵盖了Common Core标准所要求的大部分技能。

  • 中国的方法:学生将被训练发展数学技能,包括速度,准确性,反复检查,解决问题,使用变量(从三年级)。

  • 进步的保证:保证学生在40单元的辅导后,从三年级到八年级的数学水平至少提高一个年级。

World Students Math Ranking

According to OECD 2012 world student math skill analysis, Chinese students' math scores ranked #1 in the world, substantially higher than #2 Singapore and the rest of the world. Here is the ranking info and link: https://www.oecd.org/unitedstates/pisa-2012-result-us


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ivyGoal Logo Central 5-6年级计算题:

  • 14/25 - 13/50 = ?
  • 193 + (-547) = ? 
  • 2/3 - 1/8 × 3 - 1/6 = ? 
  • Please use LCM table to find the answer: 6/8+2/10 = ?
  • 7 × -23 - (-91) = ?

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  • ​Variable Application: Jim had a brief lunch break today. He wanted to buy a burger for lunch. He waited in line for h hour(s). He finished his meal in 9/14 of an hour in the restaurant, which is 3/8 of an hour longer than the time he spent waiting in line. Please find the value of h.
  • A successful bakery made $1,000 dollars in profit this month. The bakery earned 3/6 of the total profit by selling donuts and 9/27 of the total profit by selling coffee. What fraction of the total profit did the bakery earn by selling coffee and donuts?
    Write an expression with the LCM as the denominator:

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