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If you were taking a tour in Vancouver and Richmond, you shall see ivyGoal everywhere. 


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ivyGoal Canada was established in 2018. Melody, a former Director at Reading Town, decided to found her own learning center. After months of research, she decided to try ivyGoal because ivyGoal offers "1 Grade Level Improvement After 40 Units Guarantee", which is the only educational quality guarantee in North America. First, she had her friends' children enrolled in ivyGoal as students. After seeing the children's impressive progress, Melody made her final decision to be part of the ivyGoal family and established ivyGoal Vancouver in 2018 and ivyGoal Richmond in 2019. 

Melody graduated from Boston University in the United States of America with a Master’s degree in Educational Media and Technology, specialized in instructional media and educational design. She worked as an Assistant of House Broadcast Services in Massachusetts State House in 2013 and her experiences included studio operations and videography in live broadcasts. From 2017-2018, she worked as the Educational Director at Reading Town in Vancouver, Canada. 

In 2018, she was appointed the Director at ivyGoal Institute Canada. Her can-do attitude and passion for education have contributed to ivyGoal Canada's success. She is detail-oriented, inspirational, and countable. Melody’s mission is to help her students build confidence in math, English, and life. 

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1757 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

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#760-4400 Hazelbridge Way

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