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ivyGoal Logo Central SAT English Basic (8-11th Grade)

Classes Grade Days Time Monthly
SAT1 8-12 Unit 36 on 9/1, Teacher: Julian Sat 5:00-7:00 $289
SAT1 - Chinese only 8-12 Unit 9 on 9/1, Teacher: Kathy Sun 7:00-9:00 $289

ivyGoal Logo Central English Square (1-8th Grade): Guarantee 1 Grade Improvement After 40 Units! 

Classes Grade Days Time Monthly
EngSq-3 3 - Unit 24 on 9/1, Teacher: Adam MW 4:20-5:05 $199
EngSq-4 4 - Unit 1 on 0/1, Teacher Adam TF 3:10-4:00 $199
EngSq-5 5 - Unit 4 on 9/1, Teacher: Mason MW 5:10-6:00 $199
EngSq-5 5 - Unit 12 on 9/1, Teacher: Pam MW 6:30-7:20 $199
EngSq-5 5 - Unit 2 on 9/1, Teacher: Michael TTh 7:30-8:20 $199
EngSq-6 6 - Unit 11 on 9/1, Teacher: Pam MW 7:30-8:20 $199
EngSq-6 6 - Unit 26 on 9/1, Teacher: Michael TTh 3:30-4:15 $199
EngSq-7 7 - Unit 27 on 9/1, Teacher: Adam TTh 4:20-5:05 $199

ivyGoal Logo Central English Square 8-12th Grade (SAT Foundation)

This is NOT a test prep course. It is designed to improve students' vocabulary, reading, and grammar skills, which are essential for SAT, ACT, and simply school work. Skills covered: 10,000 vocabularies for the entire 40 units, majority of the grammar skills at the high school level, various reading materials: classic books, history, architecture, and science.


Please note: all classes are in the Pacific time zone

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ivyGoal Logo Central English Square 2- 8th Grade

Based on Common Core, the English Square program integrates vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing into one comprehensive course;  it promotes interactive English teaching, which greatly improves learning efficiency. As a result, the English Square program can ensure that students will improve at least one grade level after 40 units of tutoring in this course.

  2-8th Grade English Square