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ivyGoal Logo Central Math (3-8th Grade)

Classes Grade Days Time Monthly
Math-4 4 - New Class, Starting on 9/8, Teacher: Cassie M 3:30-4:40 $159
Math-5 5 - New Class, Starting on 9/10, Teacher: Cassie Th 4:40-5:50 $159
Math-6 6 - Unit 22 on 9/1, Teacher: Hiromi W 3:30-4:40 $159
Math-7 7 - Unit 32 on 9/1, Teacher: Cassie Li W 5:00-6:10 $199
Math-8 8 - Unit 30 on 9/1, Teacher: Hiromi Sat 4:30-5:50 $199

ivyGoal Logo Central IvyGoal Math

Mathematics education in the United States and Canada has always been a headache for parents. ivyGoal's Math program is based on American Common Core standards, while simultaneously teaching students advanced Chinese skills and methods.

Please note: all classes are in the Pacific time zone

3-8th Grade Math