IvyGoal Education Introduction

ivyGOAL’s individualized tutoring is the best educational support any child can have. In a way, the point of focused tutoring is to fill the gaps in your child's knowledge base. How do gaps happen in your child's education? Many factors can cause challenges. Home stresses such as a move, changing schools, parental job loss, or divorce can cause disruptions. Language barriers can delay comprehension. Societal biases tend to discourage girls and minorities from even trying to understand some subjects. And schools, while well-meaning, often proceed to the next concept, whether your child has grasped the current concept or not. The practice, practice, practice mentality has fallen out of favor, so if your child misses the premise, they can be left behind. 

Students have a hard time making progress once they have gaps in their lower-level skills. It is important to identify what each student needs to learn and teach accordingly. ivyGOAL’s personalized tutoring program is designed to strengthen your child's skills. We recommend our enrichment programs to then keep them on track. Kids in Kindergarten through 12th-grade benefit from the attention and close supervision of personalized tutoring. We develop a customized teaching program for each student based on your child's initial assessment. This program includes assigned homework practice, which students need to complete at home. Our tutors will review, teach, and assign new materials based on each student’s progress. Parents are updated on their student’s progress daily.

Our Tutoring Encompasses Four Categories:

  • English Education: grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading analysis, essay outline training, and writing.
  • ESL English for Chinese: we developed the world's first ESL education for non-Latin based learners. 
  • 3-8th Grade Math: we teach students advanced math skills based on common core and intertwined with Chinese skills. 
  • Test Prep: SAT, ACT, ISEE, and SSAT. Out of 6 students - our average SAT class - there will be at least one scoring above 1500. More than 50% of these students have been in America for less than four years.