Our team

  • Our team

    The ivyGoal team is composed of carefully selected teachers to ensure the highest quality of education for our students. After more than ten years of experimenting and adopting various teaching methods and materials, ivyGoal’s unique teaching system has been acknowledged by many municipal governments and schools in the United States. From 2013 through the present, the average college acceptance rate of ivyGoal students has been 95%. The overwhelming majority of ivyGoal students are admitted into their dream schools, some with great scholarship offers. ivyGoal's philosophy of education has won praise from students and parents alike that has lead to its stellar reputation throughout the US.

  • Nick Ni

    All parents dream of sending their children to top colleges; ivyGOAL education was founded to help parents turn their children’s dreams into reality.

    Nick Ni, a San Francisco Bay Area local educational expert, majored in math and English education in China and gained 4 years of private tutoring experience while in college in Hawaii.

    To help kids flourish in schools, he created an assessment method designed specifically to identify EACH child’s special needs. To ensure his teaching methods to be delivered properly, together with ivyGoal teachers, Nick has created all the learning materials from 1st-12th grade in both English and math subjects.

    To this day, with over 60% of students referred by existing customers, ivyGoal has quickly expanded into an international tutoring corporation with 10 locations.

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