Student: Anik Singh

Singh family has three sons who all studied at ivyGoal for years. Anik is special and full of potential, but he does not enjoy reading and seemingly tedious work. ivyGoal was able to improve his English language art skills with the English Square program. Consequently, Anik was first accepted by Bellarmine High School and later by the University of Chicago business school. 

HSPT Prep, English, And ACT Prep

Anik needed to improve his vocabulary and reading comprehension skills and was able to improve his English with ivyGoal's English Square programs. 

Here Is A Testimonial From His Father

Dear Nick,

I hope you and your family are doing well this holiday season!

I wanted to congratulate you on Anik’s acceptance to the prestigious University of Chicago last night where he will study Economics and take classes in Business at the Booth School of Business.

We thank you for all your guidance and support with our 3 sons.

Brij has returned from Michigan and the family would like to celebrate with you!

You have been instrumental in our sons’ careers and we want to celebrate you!

Please let us know!

Tej M. Singh, MD, MBA