Student: Enlei Zhu

Only In America For 4 Years, Scored 1560 On SAT, And Accepted By Multiple Top Colleges.

English As a Second Language Study and SAT Prep

Enlei came to American in 8th grade and was placed in ELD class at level 1 - meaning his English skills were are the most basic level. Through other parent's referral, Enlei started his English as a second language study at ivyGoal in 2015. Within three months, Enlei successfully passed the school ELD test and moved up to standard English class. For the next 4 years, Enlei has continued his English tutoring at ivyGoal; in 2018, Enlei scored 790 on SAT Verbal - nearly perfect score on SAT English section. 

College Application

In 11th grade, Enlei took many challenging AP courses (overly confident) and had multiple "B"s, which severely hindered his college dream - top colleges. Enlei's mother sought help from ivyGoal on the college application. After months and hundreds of hours of the application process, Enlei was accepted by most of his dream colleges, especially UC San Diego, which has one of the best biology majors in the nation. Furthermore, Enlei was awarded over $10,000 scholarship annually, which is substantially higher than ivyGoal's tutoring and college application fees over the past 4 years. 

Here Is Enlei's Mother - Dan Dan's Testimonial English Translation

Nick Ni, Hello! 
Thank you very much for helping Enlei in the past five years! Thanks to the Ivygoal team for consulting, planning, and designing for Enlei's university applications!

Enlei has been able to make great achievements in the last five years with your help! 
Enlei likes the biology and chemistry courses very much. He has a strong interest in biology and chemistry research. He is motivated to engage in life science research. Now he received an admission letter from the top biology university - UC San Diego for the biology major and received a high amount of scholarship money. 
Simply put, we are overwhelmed by the offer. I hope that Enlei will continue working hard to learn scientific knowledge in this top institution in the life sciences world, realize his dreams, and contribute to human life and health. 

As a mother who has been so exhausted to care for her son’s growth, I have to say, my son’s growth path is full of tears and emotions. 
Enlei came to the United States in October 2015 in the 8th grade. I remember very clearly to this day. When I turned on the radio in my car and let my son listen to English news, he said in frustration: "Mom, I don't understand at all." I was anxious, but still pretended to calmly comfort my son and said, "as long as you keep listening to it every day, you can understand." However, he was very frustrated with English learning. 

I met Mark on a peaceful night in a church on December 24, 2015. He referred ivyGoal to me. On December 25, mark took us to meet the headmaster Nick - Enlei's life savior. Under Nick's recommendation, Enlei started to catch up from the first grade English at ivyGoal. 
I really witnessed the magic of the English teaching method, designed by Nick and ivyGoal team. 

  • Through studying at IVYGOAL, Enlei's English has made rapid progress, and his confidence in studying at the school increased quickly. 
  • Three months later, he came out of the school's ESL class and started to receive an American education in standard English class. 

I said to my son at the time, your English must not only catch up with local American born students and need to surpass them. My son joked with me, "Either you or I am insane!" But I knew that with the help of ivyGoal ’s scientific methods, Enlei ’s English would definitely pass beyond the standard English level in America. In March 2019, Enlei scored 1560 on SAT test, which entered the top 1% level of American high schools. 

The path of life is not always smooth sailing. In 11th and 12th grade, Enlei entered Middle College and his GPA fell for various reasons, which is the fatal weakness in applying for college. I was anxious and I didn’t know what to do. In the case of a very weak situation, the IVYgoal team carefully studied Enlei's strength and designed a comprehensive and brilliant application plan to avoid disadvantages and help Enlei become a winner in the university application! 

Our family once again wants to take the opportunity to thank Nick and the IVY team for their help to Enlei!

Student Enlei is happily tuoring New York after accepted by his dream schools