Students: Jordan & Gordon

Both Accepted By Their Dream Colleges And Awarded With $80,000 Scholarship. 


He came to American in 8th grade and has changed 8 schools over the past 8 years. Consequently, his GPA was fairly low. In order to help him accomplish his college dream - a top sports management program, ivyGoal quickly helped him improve his SAT score from 1050 to 1310. Furthermore, we took advantage of his achievement in sports and helped him to be accepted by nearly all his dream colleges. 


Same with his twin brother, he has undertaken an identical international experience. In contrast, he had a nearly perfect GPA. We strategized a plan to maximize his strength and helped him to be accepted by all schools applied with his favorite major - business and international business. 
Here is the testimonial from Jordon & Gordon's parents:

Below is the English translation of testimonial. 

IvyGoal Education:
I am a student parent, and now with the help of Principal Nick of IvyGoal, Gordon and Jordan have basically received admission letters from all the ideal universities, and I really want to thank IvyGoal and Nick.

Principal Nick did a comprehensive background analysis for the students to tap the children's strength in all aspects. As parents want their children to apply for top-ranking schools, Nick did a wonderful job of guiding my two sons for their long college application journey. Furthermore, my children improved their communication and writing skills and became more confident in themselves. Through this process, ivyGoal made multiple strategic adjustments to help Gordon and Jordon achieve their goals. 

The admission letters from the universities really made me, my children, and my entire family happy. I highly recommend ivyGoal for their professional team and effort. 

Sincerely thank the teachers again! With your efforts to help students cross the barriers, my children can start at a high starting point on the college life platform.

Parent: Shichuan Qi

Jordam amd Gordon happily ready for their college career in San Francisco