Student: Crystal Jiang and Yenny Jiang

Their mother wanted them to study at one of the best private schools in America - Harker; however, their English language skills are only at the grade level. They need to improve their English language skills by 1.5 grade levels+ within 3 months. 

English and ISEE Prep

Though born in Canada, Crystal and Yenny grew up in a Chinese family, where Chinese is the language spoken at home. Consequently, they need to improve their English language skills in order to be accepted by Harker. ivyGoal quickly improve their skills by nearly 2 grade levels through ivyGoal online English Square program. 

Here Is Their Mother Jillian's Testimonial

Dear Nick,

Today, I received the admission letters from Harker for both of my daughters. I want to thank you for your help! Without ivyGoal, there is no chance for them to be accepted by Harker. 

I am packing now and ready to relocate from Vancouver to America. I shall see you then in person.