Student: Trish Hoy

Trish was one of first students enrolled at ivyGoal San Mateo office. She found ivyGoal online in May 2014 and expressed her desire to improve 500 points + on SAT (old SAT 2400 total). ivyGoal was able to help her accomplish her score. Consequently, she was able to realize her college dreams.

SAT Prep

As a student at at St.Ignatius High School in San Francisco, Trish was strong in English and needed help in math. ivyGoal designed an SAT math plan for her. After 6 months, she improved over 300 on math and scored about 2100 (about 1500 on the current SAT).

Here Is Trish's Testimonial

"​Few tutors have the dedication and skill of Nick Ni. He has a unique and innovative teaching style, using both Chinese and American tutoring methods that lead to tremendous improvement in SAT scores.

I personally improved 500 points in my SAT score and reached my goal of 2100. I definitely wasn't naturally skilled in the math section, but Nick's prep and dedication to my abilities raised my math score almost 300 points.

He's the best SAT and test-prep tutor that you'll find in the Peninsula. Nick also has incredible ESL and elementary school programs that my brother has benefited from.​​"